Kirsten web

Kirsten had her first joyous fuck-up on stage at the tender age of 3, when someone gave her a cake sparkler to wave over baby Jesus as a Christmas angel. Bewitched by the the sparkler, she stared at it for the entire show, because that’s what a REAL ANGEL WOULD DO. 

An actor, writer and podcaster, Kirsten is best known from her work on 3RRR FM’s cult sketch show, Lime Champions. She has written and performed three weird Comedy Festival shows, including 2015’s ‘Man Academy’, which tackled the men’s rights movement, and 2012’s ‘Party for a Living’, which tackled the Tupperware movement. Kirsten started classes with the Improv Conspiracy in early 2015 and studied at iOWest in LA. She’s very excited to be in Second Dinner and can’t wait to show her ‘sparkler’ to a room full of strangers on the regular. 

Twitter: @kirstenlaw

Instagram: @klawkward