Performer Bio

Megan Budge

Megan Budge

When Megan was a baby she realised that when she screamed people looked at her. She liked this feeling. 

Ever since then she has been finding crafty ways to get people to look at her. Despite all her formal training at Deakin and other prestigious institutions in her later years, it all started with putting on shows with the neighbours in the back yard. Megan's love of being looked at quickly progressed to numerous dance concerts, plays, singing comps, films, classes and eventually musicals. 

Megan realised during her time in musical theatre that even though she did get to be looked at after months of rehearsals it just wasn't enough. Megan moved away from the slow pace of musical theatre to the fast pace of the Improv Conspiracy where she gets to be looked at on a weekly basis and has never been happier. 

Megan would like to invite anyone who is reading this to please come look at her every Wednesday night because she really likes the feeling.

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