Our Core Values

We make decisions based on our core values in the pursuit of our mission: to foster and showcase the best improv and comedy in Australia.

These core values help shape curriculum in our workshops, give insight into which shows should end up on our stage, and aid us in deciding which performers are given opportunites to advance in our company.


Our people are our most valuable asset. We value the unique opportunities our community affords us to meet, watch, and collaborate with hundreds of like-minded people. We value the joy that comes from supporting each other artistically and socially, while honoring our duty to keep each other safe and protected. We believe that a welcoming environment full of mutual respect and gratitude is the best way to foster comedic growth and talent.


Our theatre strives to actively build and maintain a stage and community that welcomes diversity, reflects our society and shares its stories.


We are never done learning and growing as artists and human beings. We value lifelong inquisitiveness and a continued pursuit of knowledge in the field of improvised comedy, as well as other aspects of life in general. The more we know about our craft and the world, the more we can play with and explore in our comedic work.


In our pursuit of Australia’s best comedy we strongly value excellence in all areas and aim to raise the bar whenever possible. Our community members are given training and tools to help them achieve greatness, but are expected to put in a solid effort towards the goal of producing increasingly excellent work. Students, performers and shows are evaluated on a regular schedule and are held to the highest standard at every level.


Whether you’re attending your very first Improv Conspiracy show or your hundredth workshop, we want you to feel included and have a good time. We aim to make sure you’re in on the joke, not the butt of it.

Innovation & Experimentation

Improvisation is a relatively young art form and we’ve only just begun to understand its limits and applications. We pride ourselves on constantly testing and expanding the boundaries of what improv and comedy can be.


We believe that improv is a fully-fledged performing art form. Our core courses all have performance outcomes, and it’s important to us that our students and alumni perform regularly to hone their craft in front of a live audience.


We believe in a team-first approach to comedy. Work is judged based on the success of the team, not the individual. For individuals to advance in the company they must show a proven track record of chivalry, trust and support for their peers on- and off-stage.