Diversity & Inclusion Efforts

The Diversity and Inclusion Committee strives to maintain, nurture and improve diversity within the Improv Conspiracy Community.

This includes but is not limited to ethnicity, gender, disability, LGBTQIA+ identity, age and socio-economic background.

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During the 2019-2020 Financial Year, we decided to dramatically increase the size, scope and funding of our Diversity & Inclusion efforts via a new committee.

The committee has decided that, for the time being, their priority is increasing cultural and racial diversity within our community. They have set the following initial goals and actions which will be worked on as we build towards recovery from the COVID-19 crisis.

Increase Cultural and Racial Diversity Within Our Student Body

New BIPOC Scholarship for Improv or Sketch

Theatre management has approved a new scholarship that the committee can target based on their current working priority. Today the priority is on cultural and racial diversity, which means that there is now a scholarship exclusively for BIPOC students.

This is in addition to our general Diversity Scholarship which can go to any candidate who would help improve our institutional diversity – including but not limited to BIPOC individuals.

Scholarship Outreach

We will work to run BIPOC-focused free trial workshops offsite at other theatres, universities and community arts centres.

Increase Cultural and Racial Diversity Within Our Student Body

Diversity and Inclusion Training for Theatre Staff

Theatre staff to receive expert training from an external organisation for D&I. This will be open to all staff and the information will be made available to all teachers, coaches and venue managers.

Expanding the Role of D&I Coordinator and Committee

Management will consult with the D&I Coordinator and Committee regularly on theatre operations (auditions, show selections, etc.) and goals

Increase Performance and Training Opportunities For BIPOC Community Members

New BIPOC Coaching Fund

The theatre will create a fund for BIPOC teams and individuals in the community to use for hiring coaches and directors for approved projects.

Introduction of BIPOC and Queer Jams

Once the theatre reopens, we will present our first BIPOC Jam and a Queer Jam, and determine a way to work them into our jam cycle on some fixed schedule.

Give Back to Indigenous Communities

Introduction of Reconciliation Action Plan

A RAP assists in creating meaningful change for First Nations people from a business perspective. It will help us to better understand the issues around white colonisation and systemic racism, as well as take steps to ensure that the company is inclusive and equitable for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.

Acknowledgement of Country

Every class term and show will begin with an Acknowledgement of Country, in addition to additional plaques from ANTaR to be displayed in the foyer.

Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator

Diversity & Inclusion Committee