Mfringe 2015

We're thrilled to announce that our brand new CBD training centre and theatre is hosting 12 exciting improv, sketch and stand-up comedy shows during this year's Melbourne Fringe Festival: 16 Sept — 4 Oct 2015. No matter what kind of comedy you're into, we have the perfect show for you!

Come for the comedy and stick around for a drink at our licenced pop-up bar.

Entire Festival

First Half of Festival (18 - 25 Sep)

Second Half of Festival (26 Sep - 3 Oct)

3 Mad Rituals

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Weekends - Times vary

This Fringe, The Improv Conspiracy's top performers attempt Del Close's 3 Mad Rituals: his best-known pieces performed back-to-back-to-back based on a single audience suggestion. This is 90 minutes of thrilling, spontaneous excitement featuring the Deconstruction, The Movie and The Harold.

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Daniel Pavatich - Big Strong Boy

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18-25 Sep @ 8pm (7pm Sunday)

'Be a Big Strong Boy' my family would say, and then laugh while I flexed my tiny 8 year old arms. 23 years later and I still can’t change a tyre or chop wood.

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Improv Against Humanity

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18-25 Sep @ 9pm (8pm Sunday)

Improv For Horrible People
Come be dazzled by comedic wit that teeters on the boundary of the risque. With the help of the audience this troupe of improvisers will explore strange worlds and act out scenes and hilarities that have been hand picked by the audience.

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Is This Intimacy?

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18-25 Sep @ 7:45pm (6:45pm Sunday)

After a sell-out debut season at The 2015 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, sketch trio Trillcumber are bringing Is This Intimacy? to Melbourne Fringe Festival.

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Murphy McLachlan Has Corn Chips

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18-25 Sep @ 6:45pm (5:45pm Sunday)

Just a pretty funny guy telling some great jokes while eating corn chips. What kind of corn chips? Come along and find out.

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Pat and Josh - Decent Human Beings

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18-25 Sep @ 9:15pm (8:15pm Sunday)

Pat and Josh are decent human beings, promise. Promise! Watch these two righteous and honourable (citation needed) gentlemen explore what it means to be decent.

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Play Like A Girl

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18-25 Sep @ 6:30pm (5:30pm Sunday)

After a sell out run at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Play Like A Girl makes their Melbourne Fringe debut with their vivacious character driven longform improv show. These girls know how to play!

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Bits Of Us

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26 Sep - 3 Oct @ 9:15pm (8:15pm Sunday)

Our memories aren't always flawless, detailed imagery; we often remember events as blurred impressions and gut feelings, and over time those imprints become dull and faded.

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David Rose & Michael Shafar - Outsiders

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26 Sep - 3 Oct @ 6:45pm (5:45pm Sunday)

After playing to sell-out audiences and rave reviews at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, David Rose and Michael Shafar have combined forces for their debut at the Melbourne Fringe Festival with Outsiders.

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26 Sep - 3 Oct @ 8pm (7pm Sunday)

REHAB is solo character driven comedy bonanza that traces the steps of a woman in a drug REHAB. Nadine Sparks plays a crew of crazy characters at a pay with your dole cheque facility, where the workers are madder than the clients. REHAB is a blend of storytelling and character comedy with something for everybody. Prepare for an hour of hilarity!

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26 Sep - 3 Oct @ 6:30pm (5:30pm Sunday)

Give the Soothplayers a title, and they will improvise an entire play in the style of Shakespeare! Each night they will go once more into the breach--sans script, sans props, sans everything but their wits and will.

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True Fiction

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26 Sep - 3 Oct @ 7:45pm (6:45pm Sunday)

True Fiction is an improvised documentary that lifts the veil on the everyday. The souls who touched many, but were then forgotten. Heroes fallen from grace. The underdog who lost their car in Chadstone car park. Stories that defined an era, a people, a planet. All made up.

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