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December 2015
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Jayden Masciulli (or 'Jay-Mash' for tax purposes) absolutely nailed his 21st birthday speech on cue, leading him to believe he would make a phenomenal improviser. He was wrong, but after a year of taking classes with The Improv Conspiracy he's confident enough to say his skills are almost adequate. 

Prior to improv, the closest Jayden got to being on a stage was when he operated a spotlight for his high school's production of 'Godspell'. He's now ready to be the light of YOUR world, and let the fame go straight to his head.

Jayden graduated with a Creative Writing degree from RMIT University in 2014, both confirming his dream of becoming a television comedy writer and the reality that he will probably work in retail for the rest of his life. 

Jayden has a love for cake, a cat named Stevie Nicks and a collection of over 500 of those little sugar sticks you get with your coffee. He's also PSYCHED to be joining the TIC ensemble in 2016. So what are you waiting for? Swipe right!

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