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October 10, 2016
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Randy has been doing improv for about two years now and maybe more depending on when you are reading this. Improv. Best thing he's ever decided to do? Check. You can see him on stage at Harold Night with his team, The Sirens, and with his other groups, Birdshirt Hemsworth, Cragieburn Avant-garde Artists Society, Locked Out and countless other two-prov teams. The man's addicted to two-prov. He is also involved in the first ever TIC sketch house team.

Producing Off The Cuff (Monthly Saturday's 9:30pm)is one of the biggest joys of his life and it led him to doing stand-up himself. See him also hustling at stand-up gigs all around Melbourne. Ask him to do stand-up somewhere or host an event. He'll likely say yes. 

He also likes acting, scriptwriting, futuristic karate time, mangoes, ice cream, basketball, dinosaurs, the rap game, stealthy ninja reconnaissance, grape soda and making anyone forget about all their worries for even a brief moment when making them laugh. He has a dinosaur tattoo that he has named LeBrontosaurus James and if you ask him which superpower he would like to have if he could have just one and he will say "Flight!" before you even finish your sentence.

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