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  January 14, 2015
  Jayden Masciulli

Jayden Masciulli took The Improv Conspiracy's Level 1 Intensive course in January 2015. He was gracious enough to write an article about his experiences!

By Jayden Masciulli

I signed up to The Improv Conspiracy’s Level 1 intensive workshop on a whim. I had only been to one Harold Night, and while I loved every manic second of the show, it never really occurred to me that I would - or could - actually do it. 

Maybe it was the liberating feeling of graduating from uni a few weeks earlier. Maybe the haze of New Year’s resolutions got the better of me. Maybe I was drunk and looking for new and creative ways of embarrassing myself in public (actually, that was the exact reason. It was New Year’s after all). Regardless, when I first spotted on my Facebook feed the ad for TIC’s upcoming workshops, a little part of my brain fired up – the part responsible for my irrational need to make others laugh, and my ability to absolutely nail 21st birthday speeches on cue. Maybe I could do this. 

I had no idea what to expect on the first day. All that self belief I had when I triumphantly typed my credit card details online had vanished. I’m not an actor. I’m not a fan of being the centre of attention. I’m not even that funny. What the hell was I doing?

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  January 12, 2015

During 2015, Improv Conspiracy member Mike Brown is going to have a chat to every single member of the Conspiracy - about life, about improv, and everything in between. This is: You're Going To Meet Some People.

Today, Mike chats with Simon McCulloch. Simon currently performs with Harold Night team Dirt Squad.

Mike Brown: I’m with Simon!

Simon McCulloch: Heyyyyyyyyy.

And I’ve got questions.


So you got added to a Conspiracy [Harold Night] team at the start of 2014?

End of 2013. 

End of 2013. So December.

Just after that reshuffle.

So you’ve been performing on a team for a year now?

Yeah exactly! The Foggy Windows thing was the start of December, didn’t do a show until January.

Since then you’ve done iO [Chicago training workshops] and now you’re on a new team who are called…

It’s Dirt Squad. I think it was just a joke name but it stuck.

What do you think of the name?

I love it, actually. It’s like any kind of name, it takes on its own thing after you get clumped into a group of people enough times and it’s just like – oh that, that team.

I know it’s very early on, but how are things in Dirt Squad compared to how things were in Foggy’s. Are they the same, are they different?

The things that remain the same…

You’re doing improv, that’s number one.


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  January 5, 2015

During 2015, Improv Conspiracy member Mike Brown is going to have a chat to every single member of the Conspiracy - about life, about improv, and everything in between. This is: You're Going To Meet Some People.

Today, Mike chats with Ryan Zorzut. Ryan currently performs with Harold Night team Endless Cash (this Wednesday, 7:30pm), and will be seen as part of the Improv Conspiracy Touring Company's production of Now Showing: The Improvised Movie during Perth's Fringe World festival in February.

What's your favourite thing about improvising?

I guess it's probably the community. It's like hanging out with people, making friends. 

How long have you been in the Conspiracy for now?

It's been one year. One year in January.

How is your progress from the classes to now? You've been on a couple of different teams now, how have you got to know everyone here?

I've been with a few different groups of people. I think the amazing thing is how close you get to people you get straight away. As soon as you do a scene, you instantly have a relationship with them that's outside of improv. That's the amazing thing.

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  October 29, 2014

I should probably start this by saying that the following will not apply to every scene, it may not be how you want to play as an improviser, it might be something you vehemently disagree with, and it certainly will not help you choose the perfect Christmas present for your mother (it’s probably something that smells of lavender. Mums love anything that smells like lavender. Get your mum some lavender). 

All of this has been knocking around in my head recently, and I thought I might share it with you, because it might help your scene work, it might make things easier for you, or it might just lock a little bit more down for you. 

Along with a sense of play and fun, we’ve been looking a lot at mirroring in Level 1, and there’s a pretty simple reason for that – it’s a really quick and easy way of connecting with you scene partner. 

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Some of you guys really love improv, and we're absolutely thrilled to have you as part of our community!

While there are certainly some punters who only attend 1-2 shows per year, we have a growing number of rabid Improv Conspiracy die-hards who attend 1-2 shows per week and constantly drag their friends and family members along with them. If you're one of these uber-fans, we'd like to reward you for your amazing loyalty. We're pleased to announce a variety of new programs intended to save you money and get extra bums on seats for our shows!

We're launching a Loyalty Program, a VIP Membership Program, and have put printable Gift Passes on sale via our online store.

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